About Forsythe Farms

Established in 2015 Forsythe Farms is the only Urban Farm in Southern California selling beyond organic quail eggs. We use organic, regenerative, sustainable, and permaculture techniques. We are fully stocked up and ready for your business.

Regenerative and Sustainable

In order to reduce waste, we recycle our containers.  Buy them once and reuse them as many times as you want or just bring your own containers.


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  • 30 Eggs for $10 + Free Cutter ($3 value free)
  • $2 deposit for our container or bring your own
  • Fertilized Eggs for incubating - $0.75/ea (no minimum)
  • Laying Hens - $10/ea
  • Meat Birds for culling - $7/ea
  • Chicks -
    • born to 3 weeks - $4/ea unsexed
    • 4-6 weeks - $8/ea sexed
  • Egg Cutters - $3/ea
  • Feathers (full wings) artist and cats love these - $3/ea
  • We also have other items for sale and in stock- green onions, some citrus left, chocolate mint, goji berry plants, and a few berry vines.
  • Seasonal - citrus, peaches, apples, mulberries, and peppers.