Quail Raising and Husbandry TBA

Our 2-hour course will be on the raising and husbandry of quail at Forsythe Farms (urban farm).  This (7) part course will cover why we go into this, breed, eggs, incubation/hatching, feed, brooding, holistic living, and butchering.  We encourage note-taking and engagement with a Q&A after each segment.  We will be providing refreshments, a course outline, promos, and our personal tips/tricks .pdf.  Children are welcome (discounted cost), but you are responsible for their behavior.  If you have any other questions shoot us an email at theforsythefarms@gmail.com.

event is non-refundable and will be rescheduled if mature nature throws us a curveball.


Quail Raising & Husbandry Course

Children (15 & under)

Quail Raising & Husbandry Course

Online "Quail Raising & Husbandry Course"

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