Quail Raising and Husbandry Course May 29th 9-11am

This will be a 2-hour course on the raising and husbandry of quail at Forsythe Farms.  We will cover why we go into this, our breed, eggs, incubation, hatching, feed, brooding, condos, aviary, and butchering.  We encourage note-taking and engagement after each segment we will have a Q&A.  We will be providing drinks (non-alcoholic) and giveaways to all who attend.  Children are welcomed (discounted cost), but you are responsible for keeping them under control.  Do not delay as spots are filling up fast see you soon.  For more questions, comments, or concerns theforsythefarms@gmail.com or 562-505-7700.

event is rain or shine and non-refundable. 


Quail Raising & Husbandry Course

Children (15 & under)

Quail Raising & Husbandry Course